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Did you miss these stories over the weekend?

Hoboken Family Planning is concerned about their funding. “The program is under threat,” said Director Bill Bullock as he sat at a grey oval table in a well lit back conference room of Hoboken Family Planning last week. The non-profit agency is one of many family planning centers funded by Title X federal funds for over 40 years. Hoboken Family Planning first opened its doors in 1972. The agency provides cancer screenings, prenatal care, and contraceptives for needy and uninsured women and some men. It’s located in the Multi-Service Center on lower Grand Street. Bullock, like others who work for non-profit agencies, is worried about losing funding, when Donald Trump becomes president on Jan. 20. Click here for more.

The Waterfront Project relocated its main offices to Jersey City this week and is expanding its staff to provide even more services to people throughout Hudson County. The group says it will remain loyal to its core mission to provide free legal help in civil litigation for those who can’t afford it. Recently, the not-for–profit also expanded its services to include housing counseling. Click here for more.

In West New York, for the second time since taking office in 2011, Mayor Felix Roque is on trial. In conjunction with his private pain management medical business, Dr. Roque has been charged with allegedly accepting cash kickbacks for referrals to MRI testing centers. Although originally indicted on three counts for the offense, two of the counts were dropped last July. Roque was in court this past week on the remaining charge. Click here for more.

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