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Family of Hoboken mom killed in train crash files legal claim against NJ Transit

HOBOKEN–According to a media release, the family of Fabiola De Kroon, the woman killed in the Hoboken train station by debris during a train crash on Sept. 29, has filed a claim against New Jersey Transit. De Kroon, 34, had dropped her daughter off at day care and headed to the station to go to work in Brooklyn on the morning of Sept. 29. A commuter train apparently traveling twice the speed limit crashed into the terminal.
De Kroon is survived by her husband Adrianus “Daan” De Kroon and their daughter Julia, a toddler.
The media release states “the claims for damages, required in New Jersey before any lawsuits can be lodged, were filed on behalf of Fabiola Bittar de Kroon, 34, and her family.”
The release states the de Kroon’s crash related claims are the first that include assertions that NJT should also be held responsible for requiring only one crew member, the engineer, in the driving cab…[and] failing to properly and adequately screen for, monitor and treat medical issues.”
According to the release trial attorney Tom Kline, of Kline & Specter, said “This is the first step on the road to achieving just compensation for the family of Fabiola Bittar de Kroon, a loving young mother and talented lawyer who tragically and unnecessarily died in the horrific Hoboken crash.”
The Hoboken Reporter did an in-depth story about the questions surrounding the crash on our cover this past weekend. Check out the story by clicking this link and comment below. For more information, contact the Reporter at editorial@hudsonreporter.com.

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