Ballance, Caballero ignite Bengals victory

Using the next two weeks of the regular season as “Tune up time” for the JCC of Bayonne Sr. Division Flag Football “Championship Tournament”, the (4-5) Bengals faced off against the (0-9) Eagles. On the first play of the game, the Eagles stumbled as an unforced fumble in the endzone resulted in a safety to give the Bengals a 2-0 lead and the ball. Stepping up defensively, the Eagles quickly regained possession as David Matos and Jack Kruchkowski stifled the Bengals’ offense. Two plays later Matos and Kruchkowski put their Eagles squad up 8-2 with a TD and a two point catch. Trailing by 4 points, the Bengals hit the thrusters and rocketed out to a 34-8 lead as Chris Caballero (2 TDs, 4 expts) and Chris Ballance (2 TDs, 4 expts) propelled the Bengals into a commanding 21 point lead. Kicking off the second half, the Eagles offense found new life as they rallied back with 18 unanswered points as Ezekiel Lupianez (1 TD) and David Matos (2 TDs) led the charge to narrow the Bengals’ lead to 34-26. Finding themselves in a dogfight, the Bengals battled up court with Anthony Baez and Mariam Rasslan dashing for huge chunks of yardage setting up a TD toss to Chris Ballance to seal the Bengals 40-26 victory.

Week 8 Sr. Division

Offensive Player of the Week: Chris Ballance – Bengals
Defensive Player of the Week: Mariam Rasslan – Eagles
Teamwork/Leadership Player of the Week: Chris Caballero – Chargers