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Report: Alleged Ft. Lauderdale shooter’s aunt, a Union City resident, says he lost his mind in Iraq

UNION CITY — The key suspect in the shooting at Fr. Lauderdale Airport was a military vet who “lost his mind” after serving a tour in Iraq, NJ.com quoted the suspect’s aunt as saying on Friday. She lives in Union City.
The shooter killed five people and injured five more on Friday around noon.
The article says, “agents who identified themselves as being from the FBI arrived at the family’s Union City apartment Friday afternoon to question the aunt and uncle about their nephew, the family said. They were seen leaving shortly before 6 p.m.”
The suspect has been identified in multiple outlets as Esteban Santiago, 26, who had spent 10 months in Iraq.
CBS News stated: “Law enforcement officials told NBC News they believe Santiago flew Delta from Anchorage, Alaska and caught a connecting Delta flight from Minneapolis-St. Paul to Fort Lauderdale, where he picked up his firearm at baggage claim and began the shooting spree. Federal guidelines allow for passengers to check unloaded guns in a locked case, and also allows for ammunition to be placed in checked baggage.”
Relatives in Florida were also contacted by the FBI.
Watch for updates as more information is available.

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