Good Samaritans

To the Editor:

It was 14 months ago when I received an unexpected call. It came from my aunt’s cell phone number, but it was Virginia, a manager at the Wells Fargo Bank here in town. She explained to me that she knew my aunt from assisting her over the years with her banking. But on this day Virginia needed to intervene because my 82-year-old aunt appeared visibly confused and could not locate her car when she attempted to leave the bank. What my aunt knew for sure was that she could rely on the trustworthy tellers – friends she had made at the bank.
Virginia wasn’t the only Good Samaritan; Jennifer, Anna, Sherlida and Andrea have consistently shown the sincerest kindness and concern for my aunt’s wellbeing. I’m reminded of their compassion when they ask for her each passing month as I conduct her banking.
I’m also grateful that Virginia personally assisted my aunt that day by going the extra mile to reach out to me, a total stranger, instead of calling the police. I believe it was an act of kindness – not to be forgotten, but to be emulated.