In memory of James Adams, Jr.

Dear Editor:
The year 2016 will long be remembered as a time when we lost many public figures who touched our lives. On a county level, we were not immune to this as we lost James Adams, Jr. on Dec. 13, 2016. James died after fighting an illness for many months. James was a community leader, activist, volunteer, organizer and advocate for youth. It would be wrong for our community to not mark his passing.
James spent his lifetime in the town that he loved and where he was born, Jersey City. James was the publisher of the newspaper The Courier Times, which started out as a local paper and then expanded to several cities across the country. At various times James worked for the YMCA, JC Department of Recreation, Barretts Clothing and various other local establishments. He also ran for public office in Jersey City.
Over the years, he gave back to his community by volunteering with the United Way, Red Cross, YMCA and many others. He founded the Major Brown Memorial Track meet, as well as the Charlie Mays Track and Field Event. James was elected to Who’s Who in America, and sat on many boards including the Hudson County Child Abuse Prevention Center, Horizon Family Planning, ARC, Special Olympics of Hudson County, The African American Leadership Council, and the Urban League, to name a few.
Even when his health began to fail, James was still asking about whether the repairs at the track at Lincoln Park were finished so that he and his friends could continue with the yearly track events. In a tribute to James a memorial track meet is in the planning stages. We feel it is the best way we can say Thank You to someone who has continually supported this community, especially the youth. We also seek to continue his legacy of reaching out a helping hand to youngsters everywhere.
I am proud to have called James a colleague and friend.

Daniel Altilio
United Way of Hudson County