The people have spoken

Dear Editor:
The people have spoken in the last presidential election, but Congressional Rep. Albio Sires, (D-NJ 8th District) is not listening, and has not been listening since 2013 when the 8th District was gerrymandered; neither does Mr. Sires hold town hall meetings, answer constituent letters, faxes, phone calls, nor any kind of correspondence.
The fact that the House of Representative since 1776 has been constitutionally established as the “People’s House” – the 115th Congress and Mr. Sires needs to be reminded that our elected “representatives” work for us the people – not the other way around. But the silence of Mr. Sires and his reluctance to meet with constituents proves how little respect he holds for the constitution and civic responsibility of the people who elected him AND who pay his salary averaging $175,000 with staff expenses of @$1.5 million.
Is it unreasonable to answer a correspondence or conduct a town hall meeting? I do not expect the representative to personally prepare answers to each question, but taxpayers provide unlimited funds for staffers who can prepare reasonable answers for the boss’s signature. Any businessman or company owner would be out of business if they did not respond or ignore their public – why is it different with our elected officials?
I’ve written Mr. Sires time and time again about issues that face Americans everyday: 1) local ISIS cells in NJ; 2) how NJ taxpayers are among the top five property taxes in the nation; 3) why did Mr. Sires receive an”F” by the National Taxpayers Union (NTU) that rates U.S. Representatives and Senators yearly on all votes they cast that affect taxpayers through spending, debt, and changes on taxes. . . and the list goes on and on – with NOT ONE ANSWER FROM MR. SIRES.
The founders of this nation expressed concern whether the citizens would be educated enough to maintain good representation. Those citizens 240 years ago met their responsibility. European leaders today, particularly those who suffered for 40 years under communism such as Vaclav Havel of Czech Republic, have seriously questioned the American public for their choice of elected officials. But with our modern education, civic responsibility, and knowledge of government, it’s not the modern-day American people who are recalcitrant – but our elected officials who have “elected” themselves so far from our Framers!
Since members of the U.S. Congress have a higher re-election rate than representatives to the Russian Duma, when our legislators vote on measures without knowing the content, when they approve bills public polls measure the citizens to oppose by 65 percent, when they give their dismissive self-serving responses to our thoughtfully prepared letters, why do we re-elect them to office?
Our Democratic Republic is based on “Self Government” — but we’ve grown too accustomed to granting politicians full carte blanche with our Credit Card. Have we forgotten a “Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth”?
Ask yourself this: Are you a responsible citizen when you re-elect an incumbent who has strapped your grandchildren with national debt by approving expenditures that have no measured value – and if you cannot answer this – shouldn’t Rep. Albio Sires answer it for us?

Thank you,
John Amato

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