Women’s march organizers say thanks

Dear Editor:
Four buses rolled out of Hoboken at 5:00 in the morning on Saturday the 21st headed for the Women’s March of Washington.
What a day it was for all 210 of us! Such a large representation from such a small city. Each of us had unique experiences and will have wonderful memories of that special day and lot of stories to tell.
We worked very hard to put this event together and to make everything go as smoothly as possible. And we all arrived home Saturday night safe and sound, having been part of an historic and unprecedented political action.
There are so many thank you’s we’d like to express. First of all, to all those who rode with us. You were a wonderful and amazing group. Second, to those who donated items for our riders: Pete of Medicine Man Pharmacy, whose generosity was amazing; BCB Bank; Rosett of Full House Printing; Bob Foster and Melissa Abernathy (who designed our logo) and provided us each with a HOB2DC pin, and Brenda Weiss (of Teaneck!)
We couldn’t have done it without Maggie Shields, Jody Levine, Maritza Emmanuelli, and Jake Cohen. And Beth Feinstein’s help was more valuable than she realizes.
Lastly, mega thanks to those of you who donated money. We can’t list you all but you know who you are. We are so appreciative of your generosity and we assure you that we could not have accomplished what we did without your support.

With our gratitude,
The HOB2DC Committee