Veterans first

To the Editor:

As we are approaching the celebration of President’s Day, honoring our first President George Washington and our President Abraham Lincoln, who stands out as a president of human rights, we must also think about how great our country is and how much we owe our veterans of all wars.
Our veterans have sacrificed their lives and their safety many times in order to ensure that all of our residents are secure in their homes. Whether it be from World War I to the present in Iraq and other places around the globe, we need to stand up and honor these brave men and women.
I have observed throughout the years that many times, unfortunately, we do not treat our veterans correctly in the way of medical care, housing, jobs and the ability to assist the vet in returning to the mainstream of life. We should be placing our veterans first in the line for employment and housing in order that they be properly cared for. The slogan should be “Veterans First” in all walks of American life.
So, on these days of honoring our Presidents, we need also to continue to honor our vets. If you see a man or woman in uniform for one of our armed forces, thank them sincerely for their service and wish them well.

Councilmember At Large
City of Bayonne