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There are numerous things that need to be fixed in this township

Dear Editor:
As a resident of West New York, I would like to bring certain things to your attention. There are numerous things that need to be fixed in this township. There are many leaning and broken signs in the area that should have been fixed long ago. There are signs with graphic drawings that should be corrected, but never are. I don’t know if that is just the laziness of the Parking Authority or just the fact that no one there seems to mind that the women who have to walk by the signs might be offended? I could understand if things like this had just happened, but this particular sign has been vandalized or four months now, with nothing being done to correct it. I parked in the 62nd Street lot just this morning, and the smell of filth and urine is almost unbearable. The place looks like no one ever cleans it or cares about how it looks. Everyone who parks there has to worry about whether they will be accosted by the people that sleep in there. The lot used to be kept clean, but now it is something of a joke.
Does the Parking Authority not care what the residents and visitors to our town think? Does having a clean appearance not matter to anyone anymore? The parking lot on 54th by Memorial is atrocious. The pot holes alone are going to be enough to cause someone to fall and be hurt, or cause damage to cars. When it is icy, like this past weekend, the whole lot becomes a giant slick patch of ice. Instead of having someone put down salt or anything beneficial, the lot was left alone with icy patches just sitting there waiting for someone to fall. These are all high traffic areas that need to be taken care of. The leaders of the West New York Parking Authority should not need to be reminded or told what to do. Yet, here we are. I want this town to be able to live up to its potential and be cleaned and maintained. Shouldn’t that be the concern of everyone who works for the town? Shouldn’t the welfare of the town and its residents be a top priority?


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