The U.S.A. is not a fascist country

Dear Editor:
Before and after President Trump became our president, in some segments of the country I saw media images of some protesters with signs likening President Trump to Hitler or that our nation had veered toward fascism.
You may disagree with presidential Executive Orders or Memoranda, but a show of respect is due our president. President Trump does appear to be more authoritarian than authoritative at times but I do not think he’s a fascist like Hitler.
There are ample signs that our country’s system of checks and balances are operating. Protests are held, mostly peacefully. Academics and scholars still voice their opinions in the press. Talk shows and pundits of all stripes still have not been censored. With some irregularities notwithstanding, and some exceptions, people are not disenfranchised. Trial by jury is still the democratic model. The three branches of government are still in dynamic tension. Citizens have broad exercise of freedoms despite some restrictions in privacy. So, no, the U.S.A. is not a fascist country.
I urge more verbal restraint in protests against specific Trump policy matters, less anti-Trump venting, inflammatory rhetoric. You may get a better hearing as you exercise your constitutional rights in a civil manner and dialogue on points of agreement and disagreement. Exercise discipline by avoiding demonizing our president or his office.
By and large, we are still a “land of the free” and for that, I never take my liberties as a citizen for granted.
Anthony Squire

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