Capurso stars for soaring Rockets

At (0-2), the Sonics are still trying to get a boat load of talent on course as they entered week three of the JCC of Bayonne Sr. Division Indoor Soccer season. Taking on the (1-2) Rockets’ the Sonics seemed to be an even match as both squads played at a rapid fire pace. The Rockets got on the board first as Matteo Capurso scored off an assist by Jason Herbert. Trailing 1-0, the Sonics quickly responded with two scoring darts by Jacob Rivera as Jaiden Garcia notched two assists to put the Sonics ahead, 2-1. The next fifteen minutes turned into a defensive quagmire as Drew Radil, Nicholas DiPinto, Mariam Rasslan, Kailey Delauter and Sebastian Echeverry held the fort for the Sonics while Ezekiel Lupainez, Aaliyana Cifuentes, Anthony Baez and Kasper Hooks manned the trenches for the Rockets. With just under ten minutes left to play, the Rockets Matteo Capurso soared into action with two unassisted goals to give the Rockets a 3-2 edge. Needing an answer, the Sonics’ Jaiden Garcia bulled in the game tying goal making it 3-3 with just two minutes on the clock. Looking to avoid their second overtime bout in two weeks the Rockets got the big play they needed as Raul Cortinas assisted Matteo Capurso on his fourth goal of the game to seal the Rockets 4-3 victory.