Did you miss these stories from Bayonne?


Four generations and 99 years of Larry Resnick’s family have sold hardware on Broadway before the company moved from its iconic Resnick’s Hardware store on 46th Street to its new digs 10 blocks south on 36th Street. “It’s a lot more walking traffic down here,” said Larry Resnick. “It’s a great neighborhood, different, new clientele, and a lot of the same [customers] from the other store.” The new store is slightly smaller than the former one, not for a lack of sales but for a changing business. Resnick’s is still fundamentally a hardware store, but it’s expanded services for rentals and deliveries. Party rentals, in particular,have been a great new source of revenue, said Resnick. Talk about a family business, Larry’s son is in charge of that side of the operation. Click here for more.

A grey warehouse with a sizeable parking lot and garage surrounded by a barbed wire fence at the end of East 24th Street off Avenue F is the site of the proposed Muslim Community Center that many East Side residents oppose. “I don’t want anything big around here. Because I like how peaceful it is around here,” said one 17-year-old. “Nobody bothers you that much.” A six-story, 189-unit apartment building was approved for another empty site across the street in early January. The building will stretch to East 23rd Street and feature commercial space on Avenue F. Combined with other developments in the area and proximity to the 22nd Street light rail station, the quiet neighborhood may soon spring to life. Click here for more.

Businesses all over Bayonne mentored high school student-interns for two days last week, as part of the Bayonne Junior Chamber of Commerce program, a partnership between the Bayonne Board of Education and the Bayonne Chamber of Commerce. In total, 20 Bayonne High School students were placed with seven participating members of the Bayonne Chamber of Commerce, based on career interests. Bayonne Medical Center brought in Jonas Gomes, a junior interested in medicine, while BCB Bank had Victor Cotto, a senior planning to major in finance. Interns also visited Cape Liberty Cruise Port, Provident Bank, and Angela’s Mum Floral Designs. Leigh Ann Schaefer, one of the primary program organizers, a business teacher at BHS, and an academic advisor, said, “The goal for the program is to offer additional learning opportunities for students outside of the classroom, exposing them to real life business situations, and to further prepare them for a life after graduating high school.” Click here for more.