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UPDATE: 2-year-old ‘Eddie’ dies in Union City fire, father seriously injured

AFTERMATH - a fire in Union City took the life of Eddie, a toddler

UNION CITY — A boy who was nearly 2 years old died and his father was seriously injured in a fire at 1 a.m. in Union City.
The fire started at 14th Street and Summit Avenue, but due to cold winds and harsh temperatures, it was hard to contain. The blaze blew embers to the historic church nearby, Sts. Joseph and Michael Church at Central Avenue and 14th Street. The church steeple collapsed and power lines were down.
Reports said the father came out of his house with his back burning, and kept trying to get in to rescue his son. He is now in critical condition at the hospital. Reports said that his family has been told not to tell him that his son perished.
The little boy’s aunt also set up a Gofundme for the family. She wrote, “Hello everyone my name is Veronica Rodriguez. I am looking for help and support in providing for little Eddies funeral. Today a fire began on 14th street and summit ave in union city NJ. That fire happen to take my great nephews life. This month he would have been turning 2. He was such an intelligent little boy who loved his sisters. I’m hoping you all can help in providing for his funeral anything counts. Thank you all in advance. God bless and remember tell your loved ones everyday how much they mean to you life is too short. The money will also be going to help them get new belongings since everything was lost in the fire. Aaliyah has 2 daughters ages 5 months and 3 so again please and thank you.”
You can go to the site by clicking here.
Fires spread easily in Union City’s old, connected homes, prompting legislation many years ago.

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