Bomb threats close down schools in North Bergen and Union City


Officials had to close down high schools in North Bergen and Union City Tuesday afternoon, after an anonymous individual phoned in numerous bomb threats aimed at the campuses.
“There was a phone call to the police department, with a threat to the [North Bergen High School],” said North Bergen Superintendent of Schools George Solter Jr.
“The high school then went down in lockdown situation. No one was allowed in. No one was allowed out.”
The students went to the backs of their classrooms and ensured the doors were locked. Police eventually came and searched the entire building, Solter said. The county sheriff’s office also sent a K-9 unit to the school on stand-by, just in case. Firetrucks were positioned across the street from the school as another precaution. The school remained on lockdown for around 40 minutes.
“It was determined that there was no credible threat to the high school in that situation,” Solter added. “We resumed regular operations afterwards.” Solter also had the high school’s principal call parents to update them.
“There were a lot of rumors flying around,” the superintendant said. “I had a number of reporters call me saying that the police shot an intruder in the school, that a policeman got shot by an intruder in the high school.”
During this time, a caller reported a rumor to the Union City Reporter of an incident inside the Jose Marti Freshman Academy in Union City.
Though Union City Superintendent of School Silvia Abbato did not return a voicemail for comment, Solter said the same person who called in the threat to North Bergen also called in the threat to Jose Marti. That school also went on lockdown before determining the threats were unfounded.