This transfer hurts our children

To the Editor:

This letter is about our amazing Assistant Principal Mr. Brian Belton and asking for the Board to reconsider his transfer.
Mr. Belton has honestly poured his heart and soul into Henry Harris School and it shows in every single one of our children, so for that I want to thank the Board. He is a great administrator and shows leadership to our teachers and comfort to our children. Mr. Belton has helped build an amazing environment, cares about our kids, and is very motivational. For many others being an assistant principal is just a job, but not for him. You can see it and you can feel it. He cares about this school, the staff, and our children. I can’t say that about other administrators. Every morning my sons look for him as they walk up the front stairs of the school. They look for him because they know he will be there and he always greets and acknowledges every student with a hello and a smile.
That is what is important. I believe that Mr. Belton has built a relationship with every family of our Henry Harris community and we have about 700 students and 90 teachers. I know my family and many other families will have to accept that he will be leaving our school in May. This decision is what makes us so upset. He has spent so much time with these children and at the end of the year with only a month and a half of the school year left, the Board’s decision will and is going to disrupt the school. Mr. Belton has been in these children’s lives and now they will not have him for their important moments. Our children are hurt! And what about the students in the new class he will be taking over? How is he supposed to build relationships and earn respect from those students in such a short amount of time? I think that this decision is just setting up for so much failure. I really do wish that the Board would reconsider this decision. I believe that it is going to change so much of the school’s environment that Mrs. Kazimir and Mr. Belton have worked together so very hard for. Mr. Belton is going to be greatly missed.