Denne sparks Dragons victory

Land locked at (0-5), the Knights went in search of their first JCC of Bayonne Jr Division Indoor Soccer victory as they took to the court to face the (2-1-1) Dragons. Always holding firm in the early going, the Knights’ defense held the Dragons scoreless as Nathan Caballero, Aviv Talmor, Alina Danelyants, and Louai Asouti ball hawked during the first fifteen minutes. Equaling the Knights’ strong showing the Dragons’ Ryan Ginty, Amy Gabreal, Elizabeth Cueto and Edward Denne stood guard at net. The scoreless tie ended in a hurry as Ereny Gabreal assisted Edward Denne on two net jets to make it 2-0, Dragons. Continuing to work her magic, Ereny Gabreal picked up two more assists as she battled passes to Aaliyana Cifuentes and Toni Rivada who each cashed in with goals. Trailing 4-0, the Knights sluggish offense got on track as Joyce Gabreal, Amir Asouti and Aviv Talmor led the charge with Nathan Caballero notching his fourth goal of the season to cut the Dragons’ lead to 4-1. The Knights kept up the pressure but the Dragons’ defense dug in for a 4-1 win.

Week 4 Jr. Division:
Offensive Player of the Week
: Christian Benson – Wizards
Defensive player of the Week: David Matos – Wizards
Teamwork/Leadership Player of the Week: Ereny Gabreal – Wizards