Fifth anniversary passes of North Bergen hit-and-run; should statute of limitations be extended?

Omar Monroig of North Bergen.
Omar Monroig of North Bergen.

NORTH BERGEN — In case you missed it, our cover story in the North Bergen Reporter this weekend tackled a controversial issue. If someone is killed in a hit-and-run accident, should there really be a statute of limitations?
Five years ago, Omar Monroig was on course to become a professional bodybuilder. But weeks before his latest challenge, the Garden State Classic Championships, a Toyota Camry struck him as he crossed 51st Street and Tonnelle Avenue in North Bergen. It was March 23, 2012.
Monroig, 42, lasted longer than most would’ve in his situation—he had two broken bones in his neck, two broken legs, a broken shoulder, and internal bleeding—but he he succumbed to his injuries days later, on April 1.
The statute of limitations for charges in the case expired in late March, according to a public information officer for the North Bergen Police Department.
His brother Jorge is not only urging the driver to come forward, but wants to see the statute extended.
“We were kind of thrown off by that, because we didn’t realize they had a limitation on that,” Jorge said, when Police Chief Robert Dowd told him and his family last spring.
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