Does anyone care?

To the Editor:

Many of your readers (thank your teacher) have voted in local, state, and federal political elections. The purpose was to bring individuals into office to promote and safeguard the “Common Good” of constituents.
Then you have the BOE (Board of Elected-Why?). The mission statement reads “to provide optimum learning opportunities for all students in a safe, secure, and inclusive environment that fosters growth, learning, and a sense of community and to collaborate as a team to accomplish its goals.”
“Collaborate” is a curious word. On the one hand, the politics never noticed an $11,000,000 gap in the budget over two years. On the other hand, the BOE continued to “overspend” (despite 5 out of 6 years without a teacher’s contract). How in good conscience was this possible?
The answer should come with all parties at the next meeting or everyone accept the reality that this is the Board of Elsewhere. The students, parents, community, administration, and teachers would like a response.
As an aside, yes, Mr. Belton is an outstanding educator (as an art teacher or vice principal). This is not only because he is well-qualified but, even more importantly in my mind, is that the young professional truly cares about kids.

Guidance Counselor
Bayonne High School