Council swears in fireman who lost family on 9/11

Residents continue discussing birdhouse ordinance

Jared Wetter is sworn in as the newest member of the Secaucus Volunteer Fire Department
Jared Wetter is sworn in as the newest member of the Secaucus Volunteer Fire Department

The Secaucus Volunteer Fire Department has a new member on its roster, and he comes from a family of firefighting heroes. Jared Wetter, 18, officially took the oath to join the force at the most recent Town Council meeting. Standing by him were his cousins, FDNY Battalion Chief Mark Egan and brother Michael Egan, the latter of whom is also a firefighter in New York City. The Egans lost their older brother and firefighter Marty in the 9/11 attacks.
“He’s been wanting to be a fireman since he was 5 years old.” – William McKeever
Wetter is the son of Councilman William McKeever’s niece. “He’s been wanting to be a fireman since he was 5 years old,” the councilman said.
As a youth, Wetter would constantly hang out around neighbor Bryan Schock, a former fire chief at the Washington Hook and Ladder Company. In time, Schock became a mentee to Wetter. “Jared hung around the firehouse and was always fascinated with fire engines, fire equipment, like young kids do,” McKeever added.

Bird ordinance debate continues

At the previous council meeting, officials introduced an ordinance expanding the number of private birdfeeders allowed to homeowners from one to three. Resident Barbara Napierski spoke out against the measure, noting that even with one birdfeeder allowed per resident, she’d experienced bird droppings and rodents roaming her neighbor’s yard. In response, the council had agreed to table the measure until a later date.
Napierski again appeared at the April 11 meeting, but this time, with a suggestion. “I thought you might consider making a bird sanctuary in some of the parks along the waterways in town” she said.
“That was something that was actually discussed, but we haven’t finalized any plans,” McKeever said.
Another resident, Sam, had a very similar idea. “I offer an alternative,” he said. “You can create bird feeding stations in various parts of Secaucus. You have numerous parks along the riverfront. You could establish feeding stations and birdbaths on the outer surroundings of the city. This way, people could come and do bird observation. They can feed them, and the birds will come wherever there’s a feeding station.”
“There was a lot of discussion upstairs tonight, and there’s probably going to be a lot more discussion on this,” McKeever added.

Other matters

At the meeting, Councilman James Clancy gave a report for the Secaucus Volunteer Fire Department.
“They were quite active for the last three months,” Clancy said. “They had a total of something like 215 callouts, which was made up of car fires, storm standbys, and assisting the police and the EMS, and animal rescues at various parts of the town.”
Before the council adjourned, Councilman Rob Costantino acknowledged John Flanagan, who manages and updates Secaucus’ website daily in addition to filming every council meeting. Recently, the Reporter newspapers named Secaucus’ website the top municipal page in the county.
Looking directly at Flanagan, standing behind the camera, Costantino said, “You need to be recognized too. Secaucus won because of you. So thank you, John.”
Also, the April 25 meeting will include the public hearing for the town’s $54.7 million budget for 2017.
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