A sad reality

To the Editor:

I just came back from a short visit to Havana, Cuba’s capital. After 58 years of “Socialist Communism,” the country is a disaster and a sheer disgrace. The buildings are falling apart, and the infrastructure is decimated, with roads and houses not being maintained. At the Old Havana in bars and cafeterias, toilets don’t have toilet seat covers, and they flush the toilet with a bucket of water. The country has receded 100 years, and it will take another 100 years to correct the problems.
The regime promised “equality for all.” That’s the only truth in their propaganda. Now everybody is equal in poverty and misery. My advice to people complaining about this country is that they should go to Cuba for a week and find out for themselves the difference between democracy and Socialist Communism.
If anyone thinks the government will take care of all their needs, that’s not going to happen. In essence, you are just becoming a slave in their system.
God help me to keep this great country, America, the way it is. The bottom line is the Cuban revolution is a failure.