School budget crisis

To the Editor:

Certain words have become part of the modern day vernacular in the discussion of events. Such include “Rip-Off,” “Transparent,” and “Later.” Each is most applicable to the budget crisis affecting the Bayonne School system.
How so? There is a definite belief amongst students, parents, teachers, citizens, and administrators that due to past spending, which was out of control, all of the above conclude this to be a Rip-Off, lack of transparency, with the only reply being later.
The education of young people is crucial in so many ways. It is essential that mistakes be corrected. The absolute wrong way is to bring politics, resignations, and threats of massive layoffs into the forefront. This only produces partisanship, hard feelings, and intense anxiety among all the parties involved.
What then is the remedy? Needless to say the BOE must provide a detailed plan to avoid overspending, how to utilize money from the state, and the realization that input must be sought from professionals. It would be “great” not to hear “we are looking into it.” And please avoid “funding issue.” Common sense dictates you avoid spending money you do not have!

Guidance Counselor
Bayonne High School