Feeley leads Penguins to epic comeback

After cruising through their first JCC of Bayonne Sr. Division Floor Hockey outing, the (1-0) Islanders faced off against the Penguins in their season opener. Jumping out to a two goal advantage with David Matos assisting Tristan Wolenski on a pair of net jets, the Islanders seemed to be ready to roll again. Battling for a loose puck, the Penguins’ Megan Feeley cut it to a 2-1 Isles’ lead scoring off an assist by Mariam Rasslan. Going back on the attack, the Islanders poured in two more goals with Matos and Wolenski making it 4-1, Islanders. Trying to keep pace the Penguins’ Megan Feeley fired in her second goal of the bout. Leading 4-2, the Islanders’ offense kicked into high gear as goals by Wolenski (2) and Matos (1) stretched the Isles lead to 7-2 with just 15 minutes remaining. Staring at a five goal deficit the Penguins did some power shifting of their own by going on a six goal rampage with Megan Feeley (4 goals), Ezekiel Lupainez (1 goal, 2 assists), Drew Radil (1 goal, 1 assist), and Zachary Ciesmelewski (3 assists) all chipping in. Suddenly down 8-7, the Islanders got a huge defensive stop by Chris Ballance to set up a fast break goal by Tristan Wolenski to tie up the game at 8-8 with just 3:07 remaining. With the clock racing to zero, the Penguins got the “big play” they needed as Feeley bulled in her 7th goal of the bout to secure a wild 9-8 come from behind victory.

Week 1 Sr. Division
Offensive Player of the Week
: Marek Mickiewicz – Islanders
Defensive Player of the Week: Tristan Wolenski – Islanders
Teamwork/Leadership Player of the Week: Megan Feeley – Penguins