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Queen Bumblebee at Washington Park


Dear Editor:
Fellow neighborhood residents marveled at the beautiful annuals planted in Washington Park on April 20th. Nearly a dozen women praised the park crew for this work which was done under the solicitude of Deputy Director Alicia Morejon. With exactitude, she hand-picked each flower and shrub and laid them out with the eye of an artist and the precision of an interior decorator. The park grounds were festooned with candy for the eyes: hues of blue, pink, white, yellow, red and the perfume of delicate flowers like cascading Bleeding Hearts. Noteworthy for safety, was her choice of yellow “Queen Bumblebee” marigolds. They provide a natural chemical to ward off pests. And Alicia chose organic mulch and organic fertilizer and plant food instead of unnatural chemical cocktail. Still weed control is a concern. So a few shrubs had this label “Attention-Check for “Bee Hazard” warnings and pollinator precautions on pesticide labels before application.” Washington Park saw its first Eastern Bumblebee on pink azalea on Easter Sunday and another on April 24th on Vulcan Rhododendron. I shall be monitoring the bumblebees through November and trust Washington Park will be a safe nectar rich habitat for them. May our residents make a bee line to our parks to enjoy the trees, birds, and flowers, pools, and sports. Thanks to all our park workers who keep Union City’s parks clean, hydrated, and beautiful! Have bee, will travel,
Tony Squire

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