Next city, Bayonne, does not need a satellite ER

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter with deep concern about what is taking place in my community. I have lived in the Greenville community for numerous years, and we are considered the forgotten Ward. I have recently found out about JCMC wanting to open a Satellite ER in the city of Bayonne on the backs of Greenville residents. This comes to show how JCMC operates by turning its back on black and brown families in Greenville. I believe having access to quality healthcare is extremely important in my community. That being said, I am asking the State of New Jersey Commissioner of Health to deny JCMC a license to open a Satellite ER in Bayonne. JCMC needs to be held accountable for its actions in Greenville. I’m urging my fellow residents to sign the petition by Coalition for Greenville Health Access and let’s do what’s right for our community.

Tasha Ellis