Appreciation from the Friends of St. Francis

To the Editor:

The members of the Friends of Saint Francis Organization of Bayonne extend sincere appreciation to the many friends, colleagues, and businesses for their participation in our “Country Western Springtime Jamboree” dinner party hosted in April and for assisting our volunteer efforts to uphold the Franciscan values of rendering service and support to charitable causes in the community, locally, and at-large.
We are most thankful for the generosity of so many individuals and families who made the event both memorable and successful. We also take this opportunity to offer a special thank you to the Bayonne Community News staff for its consideration in publishing our pre-event plans.
The members of the Friends of Saint Francis gratefully acknowledge all those who joined us in “lending a hand” to “lift the hearts” of those in need. The benevolent spirit willingly shared by the event participants and our friends, near and far, continually encourages our volunteerism and enables us to accomplish and surpass our team goals. We look forward to another productive year.

Friends of Saint Francis Organization