With the expiration of the water contract, the city must take back the control of this asset.

Dear Editor:

We do not need a third party running our water system. The system was privatized under former Mayor Schundler so he would have cash cow for his budget. Succeeding mayors used this as a cash cow for their budgets too.  Jersey City rate payers have been paying for the infrastructure of the water system with bonds through taxes, so why should a third party receive a cut of the profits?

Former MUA Director Dan Becht said in 2014 that the MUA is collecting more money from its customers and the ratepayers should share too. Instead, the city council under the direction Mayor Fulop took $30 plus million surplus payable over twelve years while our rates continue to increase.

There is hypocrisy for the city to say we need affordable housing, then in December of every year, put properties in lien when rate payers cannot pay their water bills. The people on this water/tax lien list are usually the small homeowners. This administration is sending the message that homeowners are less important than affordable housing renters.

Since there will be an election in November for city council, I suggest the next mayor/council make the decision on the water contract.

It is time to cut spending which has increased nearly $90 million since the former administration left office and stop using water as a backdoor tax.

Yvonne Balcer