Braddock Park – North Bergen Preschool

Dear Editor:

North Bergen is in the process of acquiring the Hudson County Hi Tech H.S. building.
This acquisition will result in additional classroom space, enabling the North Bergen 17 trailer North Bergen Preschool to vacate Braddock Park, where it has been illegally and dangerously situated since 2001.North Bergen and Hudson County taxpayers must now pay for their officials’ folly.

NJDEP Green Acres has told North Bergen and Hudson County to remove the preschool from Braddock Park and to create 5X as much NEW parkland as the Preschool illegally diverted in Braddock Park as punishment. It will cost taxpayers millions of dollars to provide this required compensatory replacement land; North Bergen-Hudson County officials previously falsely claimed this diversion would save taxpayers millions.

But wait – there’s more…  North Bergen and Hudson County officials have misled and attempted to provide ineligible replacement park land in Hoboken. It is ineligible because this land already existed as a park; it must be created as new park land. Further, they failed to enumerate the correct amount of land the Preschool diverted in Braddock Park, ignoring the Preschool’s tot lot, a walkway, the parking lot, roadway, etc. NJDEP Green Acres and the National Park Service are responsible for ensuring that Braddock Park is saved for the public’s open space and recreational use, and not for other purposes. Who is responsible for ensuring that misguided public officials obey State and Federal programs and regulations and do not mislead the public?

Robert Walden