Better Life Basketball Week 7 results


OKC beat the Bucks, 70-60. OKC cruised to a ten point win over the Bucks last night. Their win kept them tied with the Cavs at 6-1 record. Justine Guthrie scored 26 points and Pat Mcmonagle’s timely 3’s kept the Bucks at Bay to secure the victory. The Bucks, led by Javon Henderson’s 31 points, were not good enough. They were missing Chinwe Wosu and KJ. This team has talent and if they can figure out roster positions and chemistry, they will give anyone a run for their money. Let’s hope they can figure this thing out before the play offs

OKC: J Guthrie – 26, R Lawandy – 16, D Liming – 12, P McMonagle – 8, M McMonagle – 8
Bucks: Javon Henderson – 31, TRAE – 13, Dave – 9, Mo Stacks – 7

Cavs defeated the Warriors, 76-72. When you watch an Indy 500 race, the first car in the lead won’t always win the race. They have 200 laps to go and it comes down to your game plan and your fortitude. This game was like an Indy 500 race. Both teams match up well and for all of 30 minutes, we were watching a great, high basketball IQ game. In games like this, the difference comes out in the last two minutes. Who has the mental game? Who can handle the pressure? Who gives in? Who will make the error? The Warriors ended up battling each other, while the Cavs moved along and passed the finish line. It was a great team effort for both teams, but the Cavs outlasted the Warriors.

Cavs: J Flynn – 23, Z Liu – 13, R Baptiste – 12, D Holley – 11, EJ C – 9, G Bucoy – 8
Warriors: R Hoffman – 24, K Walker – 23, JP Anacreon – 18, K King – 5, S Mehta – 2

We at A Better Life league are trying to create an outlet out of your everyday life and add a little change to your daily routine. Sports do not build character, they reveal it. The commissioner of the league and the sponsor will donate $200 to a worthy cause. Please nominate and advise us on who you want to send this gift to.

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