‘Proud Republican’ Hoboken resident announces campaign for City Council

‘Proud Republican’ Hoboken resident announces campaign for City Council

HOBOKEN–Joshua Einstein invited residents via a press release to his campaign launch for City Council on Saturday July 8 at Hoboken Hothouse.
“This is an opportunity for the Hoboken community to come, listen, and dialogue about the challenges and opportunities our city faces as well as to support a terrific local non-profit [True Mentors],” said Einstein in the release.
Einstein is the first City Council candidate independent of a Hoboken political faction to declare his candidacy and “the only registered Republican in the race to loudly and proudly embrace the GOP label,” according to the release.
He also said he voted for Donald Trump for president. The comments were likely inspired by mayoral candidates Jen Giattino and Angelo Valente, who refuse to comment thusfar on their registered Republican status and whether they voted for Donald Trump. Outgoing Mayor Dawn Zimmer has expressed displeasure with Trump’s agenda and how it could affect local residents, and Trump’s Tweets last week were seen by some as unpresidential, misogynistic, and hostile, resulting in the right-leaning National Review writing that he was “intellectually and emotionally incapable” of the job.
Einstein was recently elected to be one of Hudson Counties representatives to the New Jersey Republican State Committee, garnering over 1,300 votes.
“I’m a proud Republican and I have many liberal friends who also understand the fiscal road our city is on, the stagnant policies that continue by inertia, and ignoring the needs of the majority of people in Hoboken is the wrong path to go down,” Einstein said in the release. “That’s why I’m happy to invite everyone to come and discuss the issues they believe are facing our city and areas that they see need change. I know no two people are ever going to see eye to eye on every topic and I don’t expect every voter to agree with every policy stance I have taken, but I always enjoy exchanging out of the box ideas, learning new perspectives, and brainstorming solutions.”
The campaign launch at 200 Monroe St. will include grilled food, an address by the candidate, and a representative of True Mentors, a local non-profit that mentors children in Hoboken.
“Leadership is not about being frozen into arcane dogmatic positions or forced into narrow political tribes and teams, it’s about exposing people to new ideas and ways of tackling problems to improve lives and that’s why I wanted a representative of True Mentors to speak about the amazing and unique work they do with Hoboken’s children,” said Einstein in the release.
Funds will not be raised for the campaign at this event. However donations to True Mentors are encouraged.
The Einstein for Hoboken campaign launch event is scheduled for July 8 at 4 p.m. at Hoboken Hothouse. All are welcome.

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