59 is a lonely number

To the Editor:

You may have read about the Barbarise twins. They were among the teachers caught up in the budget crisis affected by the BBOED “overspending” $6,000,000 of taxpayers’ money.
As their BHS school counselor, I was immediately and always impressed. They were bright (perceptive), bubbly (humorous), and beautiful (most important on the inside)! A firm moral foundation established at home was obvious too.
Being me, I would ask, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Both explicitly responded with “I want to be a teacher!” No other career path was ever mentioned.
Well, each graduated as an extraordinary representative of public school education, attended the college of their choice, and became teachers. A lifelong dream was fully realized, that is, until the “layoff notices” came from the BBOED. What was to happen in the future?
Fortunately, on July 5, they spotted their names on the rehired list. Children, parents, administrators, colleagues would continue having two “sparkling” professionals to “light the fire of learning” and strengthen the future of the Bayonne community.
This is only one story. The State Legislature recently passed a budget to increase school funding. The hope is that around August 1, all 59 educators will share good fortune too, and a true “thorough and efficient education” will be in place.

Guidance Counselor
Bayonne High School