Re: John Bredin


Dear Editor:
John Bredin’s jocular attempt to explain the Trump enigma (Reporter, June 4). There are two theories: that, along with Hillary, he was chosen by the self-Chosen (our unelected rulers, aka the “Deep State”) to carry out their agenda of perpetual war; or, conversely, that he really believed his campaign promises to “drain the swamp” in Washington, to get out of the dangerous and obsolete NATO alliance, to be friends and partners with Russia instead of rattling sabers in Putin’s face, to be “even-handed” dealing with the Israelis and Palestinians. Well, whatever his original intentions, he has now been sucked into the swamp.
I’m reminded of the time another would-be reformer, Jimmy Carter, went to Washington, and, after inauguration, was called behind closed doors for a meeting with the rulers. His aides say Carter came out of that meeting an hour later “visibly shaken”.
T. Weed

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