Speed camera area proven failure


To the Editor:

Assemblyman Nick Chiaravalloti recently sponsored legislation to install “speed cameras” in construction zones throughout the State of New Jersey. This idea has failed in the past, and is just one more indication that Assemblyman Chiaravalloti is out of touch with the people and should be replaced.
Using “speed cameras” is nothing more than a boondoggle for certain corporate interests who cash in at the expense of the taxpayers. It is also an invasion of our privacy, and an attempt to limit our civil liberties.
Nick Chiaravalloti, who deserves his moniker of “Greedy Nicky,” has long supported big business over the interests of the average citizen. ( We all remember how he messed up the Military Ocean Terminal – MOTBY – in Bayonne.)
“Work Zone” or “Construction Zone” cameras simply don’t work. They only result in “false” tickets. They are just another scam to reach into our wallets and steal our tax dollars. Cameras do not equal safety. The presence of “real” police on the job makes a positive difference, not intrusive and unreliable cameras.
City after city, and even entire states, have already abandoned the use of “red light” cameras. Even New Jersey had a controversial red light camera pilot program up until 2014. It ended in disaster because it simply did not work properly. Accordingly, the state rightly pulled the plug on the whole program. Installing more cameras now, in 2017 – just three years later – is a joke. Give us a break.
It should come as no surprise that Chiaravalloti is the standard bearer of failed projects promoted by corporate interests. His intentions are no different than any other government gangster, municipal mobster, or crooked politician.
Taxes, tolls, and tickets. That is their answer to everything. And they all steal from us.
It is time to vote these people out of office. “Greedy Nicky” and his kleptomaniac cameras have got to go.

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