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Jason Pinter releases his political thriller novel this Monday

Jason Pinter, a novelist and new Hoboken resident who runs a well-respected independent publishing company, released his sixth thriller novel in June, entitled The Castle. The book was partly “inspired by the insanity of last year’s national election,” he said.
It follows Remy Stanton, a young, ambitious corporate strategist who is nearly killed when he intervenes and saves the lives of two strangers about to be gunned down.
Stanton later learns one of them was the daughter of a powerful businessman, and suddenly he’s hailed as a hero. The wealthy man not only offers Stanton a job, but is about to run for president of the United States as a third party candidate.
But during the campaign, Stanton discovers a dark truth as violence erupts and pressure builds.
Pinter said in a recent interview, “As I watched the 2016 election ramp up and take hold, I thought there could be a good thriller with this election as a backdrop.”
So much has happened recently to mirror incidents in the book that Pinter expedited its release.
He’s not publishing it through his own company – Polis books, which publishes 30 to 40 novels a year in varying genres – but independently through a new company he created, Armina Press.
It’s available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

“I didn’t want my authors to think they had to take a backseat behind me or wait in line.” –Jason Pinter


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The creation process

Pinter said his latest novel took about a year to create from conception to publishing, and most of his time was spent on research and outlining.
“I did a lot of research and interviews,” said Pinter. “I know a lot about politics but I wanted to know and get a better understanding of the day-to-day, of life on a campaign. What happens in a war room? What is it like to be a political insider? All of what we don’t see through the news coverage. The behind-the-scenes.”
About his publishing decision, he said, “I wanted to get it out as soon as possible. I wanted people to be able to read it now right in the wake of the election. If I had gone the other route it probably wouldn’t have been published until fall of 2018 or early the following year in 2019.”
As for not publishing through Polis, he said, “I used my own resources and my finances. I didn’t want my sales reps or my employees working on this and I didn’t want my authors to think they had to take a backseat behind me or wait in line.”
Because of this, Pinter created Armina Press, which will act as the book’s publisher and whose name was inspired by his soon-to-be-born daughter.
“Armina in German means warrior princess,” he said. “That’s not her name, but my wife and I like to refer to her as our warrior princess.”

The beginning

Pinter said he was first drawn to the thriller genre growing up in New York City on the Upper East Side because he lived near a mystery book store.
“We had this small independent book store near us called the Black Orchid, which sold mysteries and thrillers, and every other week my dad would come home with this paper bag full of books,” said Pinter. “After every one he’d pass them on to me… I wanted to become an author, and it’s funny because I’d read really good books and think, ‘I want to do this’ and I’d read really bad books and think, ‘This got published? I can do better than this.’ ”
Pinter said one of the things that makes a great thriller is not necessarily action and violence, but suspense and tension between characters.
“What makes great suspense is the tension between two characters… and when the story illustrates that electricity between them,” said Pinter.


Pinter moved to Hoboken about two and half years ago with his wife after looking in New York and not finding anything reasonable.
“My wife actually lived here for a while,” he said. “When we were looking to find a place together, we looked in New York but didn’t quite find what we were looking for. She said, please, let’s give Hoboken a look, so I said okay and we loved it. You get so much more space for your money here.”
Pinter said he likes Hoboken’s atmosphere and even works occasionally at a local coffee shop.
“Being an author is very solitary work,” he said. “Sometimes it’s nice to go out and work among people doing the same thing.”


Hoboken has its own political intrigue, but Pinter interviewed people far and wide to work on his book. He talked to campaign managers and staffers, political aficionados, and journalists.
“I remember one reporter I spoke to talking about these kind of jerky young men [in campaigns] and referring to them as ‘field bros,’ and I thought that was perfect, so I actually have a reporter in the book use that same term warning Stanton not to turn into a ‘field bro,’ ” said Pinter. “I think things like that add a little color.”
Pinter has written five books in a thriller series focused on a young reporter, and also has written a children’s book.
To find out more, go to https://www.jasonpinter.com/the-castle/.

Marilyn Baer can be reached at marilynb@hudsonreporter.com.

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