Grand Street Bike Friendly

Dear Editor:

The public is probably not aware of the Jersey City Grand Street Concept Development which really is code for the city’s plans on turning Grand St into another friendly street for bike riders. Making Grand St Bike friendly will have an impact on drivers since Grand Street is the access road for many people reaching the Medical Center.
Columnist Father Santora wrote about Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer changing the configuration of Observer Highway for bikers and the result of the massive slowdown in traffic. Do residents want slow traffic if your child is suffering with an asthma attack trying to reach the hospital? This administration has hostility towards residents who must use their cars. It is seen in the loss of parking spaces for Citibikes and the elimination of parking for new construction.
I suggest residents send their comments to Stephanie Brooks, the administration needs to hear to other voices in Jersey City.

Yvonne Balcer