The things going on in City Hall

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter because I am quite disturbed about what I have been witnessing for quite some time. I am sick and tired of the goings on around this town. We have a mayor that is not doing very much about anything that is taking place around City Hall.
There are so many people that just sit outside of the building doors of City Hall smoking. Not just once in a while, but this is an ongoing problem. I am retired so I have a lot of time on my hands. I see what is going on. If you go to city hall at any given time of the day you will see the same people over and over again in the doorways or on the side of the building smoking and spending lots of time getting paid for doing nothing except smoking.
Now we are dealing with the fact that the mayor is supposed to be hiring the former councilman, Ray Greaves, as part of his office staff. I have heard he is going to be the new chief of staff and I have heard other stories that he is going to be an aide. I don’t care what the position is. If the mayor has gone this long without a chief of staff obviously he doesn’t need one at all. Not even an aide. I understand that the people the mayor puts in place with a job in his office is solely to his discretion. The city council does not get to vote on these hirees, but I feel they should have to because even though he has a budget for his office use, the council still has to vote on the budget, and all the salaries are on the budget.
Now for my last problem with the city and the administration. What the hell happened to the hiring freeze that Mr. La Pelusa had put in place? There are all these new people working. So if you raise our property taxes, raise our school taxes, and raise our water bill, where do you come off hiring people all year? It is as if you are laughing in the face of all the taxpayers as well as the lack of respect for an elected official putting something in place to attempt to curb the spending. Not only is it a salary, but another person’s health insurance, and whatever else they are getting from the city.
I am grateful to Mr. La Pelusa for trying to get some kind of grip on the hiring, but I guess the mayor, Mr. DeMarco, and the rest of the council have absolutely no respect for what is good for the City of Bayonne. I hope all the homeowners will remember which buttons not to push on Election Day. I remember in 2014 asking all my friends and family to vote for all of you because you were going to be different. I have done nothing but apologize to these people for the last three years.