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Citizen involvement leads to better government


Dear Editor:

People tend to think that it is impossible to get involved in their government. They tend to think that it is hopeless to help out those in need. In actuality, the only impossibility is that mindset. It is really quite simple to get involved in your government. The best way is to find out what bills are on the floor of the House or the Senate and then call or email your representative to tell them you want them to support the bill or not. It will take you thirty seconds to shoot off that email and less than a minute to call. If more people did that on the daily they would see how simple it really is to get involved.
There is also nothing complicated or impossible about improving living conditions for people suffering in abject poverty. Once you have gotten involved in your government it is an easy jump to advocate for those in need. Find bills that support people around the world who are struggling and get your representatives’ support. Helping people is a bipartisan issue that everyone should and can become involved in.

Emma Pizzuti

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