Regarding the Trump issue in local elections

Dear Editor:
In your Aug. 20 issue you ask if the Trump issue is valid. It is.
Some 60 to 80 million people died in World War 2, countless others wounded and lives ruined. Almost half a million Americans were killed fighting fascism. Nazis and their other white supremacist allies are not un-American, they are anti-American. They are terrorists with training camps who are out to destroy our government. That we have a president that is an enabler and apologist for these people is treasonous. If you cannot condemn this in no uncertain terms, you don’t deserve to be an American citizen, let alone run for office.
I understand that people would be ashamed to admit they voted for a bombastic liar who bragged about grabbing women’s genitals, and that no one likes to admit they were so easily swindled, but what’s your excuse now?
The Trump administration is directly attacking our community with ICE ripping apart families, environmental, civil rights, press freedom, consumer protections and a whole host of other issues.
Aside from the Trump issue, for the last 30 years Republicans have had a deliberate and effective strategy of using local elections as a starting point toward preparing candidates for higher office where they could then enact their right wing agenda with disastrous consequences for the economy, the environment and so on. You need look no further than Chris Christie to see how irresponsible and destructive they are. Meanwhile, the Democrats were too busy making back room deals and hobnobbing with their Wall Street sugar daddies to notice.
Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican or Independent, if you can’t recognize and speak out clearly against fascism, then you don’t deserve to live in this country, and I have just the place for you. Rather than fight fire with fire, we should let the white supremacists have their own all white country – Antarctica. The only problem is that they’d probably lynch all the penguins.

Greg Ribot