Protesters block roads and create delays

To the Editor:

I am curious to know exactly what these anti-Trump protests and demonstrations really accomplish. Many streets all over major cities are closed off, making it rather difficult for our citizens to get to work, some losing a day’s salary.
They block roads to airports and passengers miss their scheduled flights, the planes leave without them and the passengers have to reschedule. When the passengers lose their flights, they miss their children’s graduations, weddings, funerals and dream vacations.
The Democrats, Republicans, liberals or conservatives have to suffer the consequences of the protesters.
So what is President Trump doing? He gets up, has a leisurely breakfast, tweets some and then walks out to his Marine One helicopter and flies to Andrews Air Force. He doesn’t get stuck in traffic; he flies down to Florida for a round of golf and relaxation. Meanwhile, the folks back here are trying to get home for supper.
The protesters should be aware of what’s going on in France, England and Brussels