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Say no to “a done deal”

To the Editor:

I am writing this to share my frustrations with the city council and how they keep issuing abatements like they are parking tickets on Broadway.
On September 13, the council will be asked to vote on another abatement that specifically affects me personally. They want to build a six-story, 180-unit condo building on a dead-end block, 23rd Street. This is going to ruin my entire neighborhood. Now before the Davis supporters all jump on the defense that I, as well as most of my neighbors, are against development, this is quite the contrary.
I have lived in on the same block my entire life and feel like the city council and the administration just doesn’t care what the residents say. Do you know how frustrating is to hear, “It’s a done deal,” then right before your eyes it happens again? You ask “how is this possible when I voted these officials into office three years ago?” and think they most certainly will not get my vote in June.
The master plan calls for protecting the integrity of a neighborhood. My area happens to be very peaceful and quiet. When I opposed the mosque last year, I was called a racist. When I opposed Clayton Block, I was told its going to cost the city jobs. Now on September 13, the council will most likely vote for another abatement that will ruin the entire east side. Now the naysayers will call me anti-development because they are building a six-story, 180-condo building on my block and its going to ruin the entire neighborhood. But who cares, right?
Last winter, in the frigid cold, more than 100 east siders attended the planning board meeting and we all spoke against this monstrosity of 180 units in a quiet, residential area. There is not one building even remotely close to the size of this project on the east side and it will be one of the biggest in Bayonne. We all spoke against it. Even Third Ward Councilman Gary La Palusa spoke on our behalf and encouraged the board to listen to the residents who live in the area and are taxpayers and are the same people who voted the administration into office. It didn’t matter; it was “a done deal.” Regardless of what we said, their minds were predetermined.
You have greedy developers who when you give an inch, will take a foot. They could care less about the residents and how it will impact their quality of life. Just drink the Kool Aid and you will feel better. You have a severe conflict of interest as one of the attorneys, Miceli, who represents this developer, and has a key to city hall and all his projects get approved without any resistance. Like whatever the residents and taxpayers say, it does not matter, it’s a done deal.
I personally surveyed more than 150 neighborhood residents about this project and 140 were completely against it. So how does the council approve this project and to slap people in the face, give Miceli and the greedy developers who he represents an abatement? This is severe abuse of power. Some abatements are beneficial to the City of Bayonne but this one is the wrong place, it’s going to ruin the entire neighborhood but nobody seems to care.
On the 13th, I encourage you the come to city hall and see how the “done deal” process works. They all vote “I” regardless of what the residents say. These abatements will help the greedy developers but force long-time residents to move and my neighborhood will never be the same. Is this a cry for help? Yes. The election can’t come soon enough as heads will roll. I am so sick and tired of hearing that it’s a done deal and the developers make millions regardless of what the residents say. Enough is enough! Just say no!


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