QUESTION: In high school girls’ and boys’ volleyball, a ball becomes loose from bench and enters court during live play. First referee (R1) whistles time and signals for replay. Can the serving team (Team S) request a time out? Can the receiving squad (Team R) request a substitution before replay starts?
ANSWER: Requests will not be granted until after replay action has been completed. (Rule 9, Sec. 8, Art. 2)
QUESTION: Serving team (Team S) requests a time out (60 seconds) which is granted by first referee. Second referee (down official) blows whistle at 45 seconds warning; both squads enter court ready to play prior to 60 seconds limit. Must both squads wait until 60 second limit is reached before resuming play?
ANSWER: Second referee (R2) will direct timer to sound the horn to end time out and play may resume if both squads are on court ready to play (Rule 5, Sec. 5, Art. 13, b-12).
This feature, which will appear regularly during volleyball season through November, is designed to explain rules and procedures for girls, boys and adults. Lynch is a member of the National Federation of State High School Association (officials/ umpires), NJSIAA officials, Northeast Chapter No. 2 Volleyball Officials Assn. (retired) , National Association of Sports Officials (NASO) and served as coordinator of the Bayonne Board of Education Elementary Co-ed Volleyball League.