Come together


To the Editor:

Time passes quickly. Near the end of the school year, the BBOED meetings were “packed” with teachers, parents, citizens, and some students. This led to a comment from the audience: “Where were all you people earlier in the year?”
This was a reference to the “scarcity” of teachers, parents, citizens, and students at previous BBOED meetings. The topic then was the lack of a teachers’ contract, which seemed to be “overlooked.” The “misplaced” $6,000,000 was still not revealed either.
Fast forward to September 6, will the BBOED finally provide “specific” details related to the budget crisis confronting the school system? Will the BBOED rehire the maximum number of teachers to allow for “a thorough and efficient education” at all levels? Will certain individuals in the community come to realize and recognize that BHS is a public school and was never meant to be a private academy?
Free-will transparency is always the best option. This avoids finger pointing, which can only lead to hard feelings and even bitterness. The future of Bayonne is explicitly connected to the loving and caring education provided to all children, K thru 12, by educators.

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Guidance Counselor
Bayonne High School