A Mayor for the People

Dear Editor,

To quote Bernie Sanders, “when we share the vision that government should work for all of us, there is nothing we can’t accomplish.” In the same way that this is true of the United States, so is it true of Hoboken.
As a Bernie Sanders supporter, on the local level, I’m hoping that our next Mayoral election will shepherd into city hall the start of a “future to believe in” for all of Hoboken’s residents. I’m hoping for a Mayor that will be concerned with the needs of all of our residents regardless of their position in life. That’s why I’m supporting Jen Giattino for Mayor.
I’ve known Jen Giattino since she became my council representative in 2011. Initially, I was an apprehensive constituent concerned that my progressive, even socialist views didn’t stand a chance of being heard by my newly elected representative. Today I’m sure that many would regard my support of her mayoral candidacy as shockingly unlikely. However, over the past six years, I’ve been fortunate to have an elected representative that is interested in hearing not only my voice and concerns on issues that affect Hoboken but everybody else as well. No one ends up on an “enemies’ list” and no one is shut out of the conversation for questioning Jen’s views or opinions.
Because Hoboken’s 50,000+ residents have views and preferences that are widely disparate from person to person, for all of us to feel represented, we need a mayor that feels a sense of responsibility to all of us, whether we’re disagreeing about bike lanes or parking spaces, wanting more family-size homes or more affordable housing, hungry for more children’s recreation or better services for our seniors, none of us want to feel like our hopes for the future of Hoboken don’t matter or aren’t important.
For Bernie Sanders, social justice is about a fair and just relationship between the individual and society. In Hoboken, social justice is about a fair and just relationship between the individual residents and the entire community. To achieve this no one person, no individual group or demographic is more important to the whole of Hoboken than any other. That’s what being “all about Hoboken” is all about. It’s about ensuring in every way possible that Hoboken is a place for all of us. The Jen Giattino that I’ve come to know over the last 6 years agrees with me on this and is determined to live up to that responsibility. Please join me in voting for Jen Giattino for Mayor on November 7.

Cheryl Fallick