New York Times admits Jersey City’s Razza has the best pizza around


JERSEY CITY – Is the best pizza in New York actually in New Jersey?
Specifically, according to a Sept.12 story in The New York Times, at Razza Pizza Artigniale, 275 Grove St?
Named the fifth best in New Jersey on 2014 by NJ Pizza Power Rankings, the pizzeria took a huge leap in prestige and visibility when the Times’s writer praised Razza’s dough and toppings, the latter of which are from local sources that the owners search out scrupulously for quality and flavor, especially the tomatoes.
Using a seven-point “tomato evaluation rubric,” owner Dan Richer and his staff assess each variety for color, viscosity, texture, skins and seeds (the fewer the better), “tomato flavor,” acidity and sweetness.The tomato with the highest score is usually the one he will buy, although he said that one year he blended three different brands, “kind of like a Bordeaux wine.”
Some may suggest the Times’s imprimatur on a local pizzeria is a sign Jersey City itself has just taken a huge leap in hipness. But hold on – the verdict on the best bagel in the region isn’t in yet, and that survey may be a real test for the New York Times.