There is a sentence in our tax bills that states

Dear Editor:

“Taxes that are due in 2017 and remain unpaid on November 14, 2017 will be subject to Tax Sale on December 18, 2017.” Taxpayers just receive their bills late due to the Board of Education shortfall and must pay both August now and November within two months. So, past the deadline, taxpayers go into lien. If a taxpayer has an accident and cannot make the due date, well the city could not care less.
There is a difference in the attitude who the city cares about, fellow taxpayers. You are not residents of Salem Lafayette where the city extended their tax abatement an additional thirty years to bring the residents worry free housing to 66 years. You did not have your water bill deducted from your tax payment the way the city did for senior housing, even if you are a senior citizen yourself. By the way, senior citizen homeowner, you can go into lien if you fail to pay your water bill, too.
You are not Liberty Science Center where sixteen acres was transferred for ten dollars as a gift, neither are you recipient of a 99-year lease for one dollar a year that the city gave to several businesses under this administration. Your job is to make our politicians look good as they smile in the camera at cutting ribbons ceremonies on new housing developments that you subsidized. Someone must pay for all the tax abatements that are given each year.

Yvonne Balcer