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Thank you, Animal Clinic of Bayonne


To the Editor:

There are many veterinarians currently in practice. However, there are those special veterinarians who go above and beyond their call of duty. Who not only care for your animals, but who also take a personal interest in your pet. I would like to thank the entire staff at The Bayonne Animal Clinic of Bayonne, especially Pam, Rose, Cynthia, Jesse, Dave, Cathy, and most especially Dr. Frezzo. My dog, Scout, was diagnosed with acute leukemia on August 3 of this year. She had a few setbacks and had to stay at the clinic and was treated like royalty. The care she received is care I wish I could have received during my few hospital stays. My cat also had cancer and lived 18 months longer than anticipated. People called her the miracle cat, and now I have a miracle dog. Of course, they are not the miracles. Dr. Frezzo is a “Miracle Maker.” Thank you again Dr. Frezzo and staff. You guys are the best.
I would also like to thank Lisa and Scott DeAngelo for taking time out of their busy schedule to help me transport Scout back and forth to the vet. Love you guys. Finally, my neighbor “Uncle Vinny” for stopping by every night to visit Scout and cheer her up. If I left anyone out please excuse me as it has been a very emotional time.


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