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Get ready and prepare for the colder temperatures on the way


Dear Editor:

Recently a large group of volunteers went door to door distributing flyers informing residents about benefits of Union City’s Rent Control Board. With colder temperatures on the way, it’s important that residents in rent controlled units remember that the temperature should be maintained at 70 degrees. This was pointed out in the flyer. It’s important to remember that if you rely on your oven or gas jets to heat your apartment when it gets cold this could pose a danger to those in your household. I thank our great mayor, Brian Stack, and his fellow Commissioners making sure these flyers go out to the public on a regular cycle. I urge residents in rent controlled units to call the bilingual Rent Control office for any matter highlighted in the flyer or if they should have a question pertaining to their rent or need a tenant advocate or want fill out a complaint form or want to confirm they are covered under the city’s current rent control ordinance.

Kind regards,
Tony Squire

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