Disaster victims need help from our elected officials

To the Editor:

I write this letter with dismay that while so many are distracted by the behavior of celebrity, be it show business, sports, or even elected officials, more than a million Americans are suffering beyond most of our ability to understand. This plus the devastation to their neighboring countries is unimaginable. The United States Virgin Islands (St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix), Puerto Rico, just like our fellow Americans in Houston and Florida have been devastated by both hurricanes Irma and Maria.
The biggest difference is that we cannot drive our aide to our American brothers and sisters in the Caribbean. There is the possibility that these Americans will not have water, food, or electricity for many, many months to come. The heat that we savored in our cold, winter months while lucky to be on vacation will bring untold suffering to those without food and water for their children, without air conditioning for their elderly.
As a travel agent (of more than 45 years)who has had the pleasure of helping to make memories for generations of families I would like to ask each of you who has a special memory of the Caribbean, be it your Honeymoon, your Babymoon or best family time ever, remember that we must help. Please support the organizations that support our neighbors in the Caribbean. I also beseech you to write to your senator/congressional representative and insist that they get busy, as time is wasting. Untold numbers of Americans and friendly neighbors will die, without their immediate actions.

Four Seasons Travel