Field of Heroes

To the Editor:

On November 6 at the Alexander X. O’Connor Auditorium, 669 Avenue A, the Bayonne Board of Education will host the Second annual Field of Heroes ceremony. When I was asked to develop a program to honor our veterans last year it was an honor. To see it now enter a second year I feel grateful to the people of Bayonne and our students who drove the fundraising process to make it such a success. Thanks in large part to the efforts of our former Superintendent Dr. Patricia McGeehan; our inaugural ceremony was grand and well attended. I’m happy to report Interim Superintendent Dr. Michael A Wanko wishes to continue in the grand tradition in order to honor our veterans in the fashion they deserve.
Our committee will choose six nominees submitted by the public. These awardees will represent honorable service to the country; as well as our local community. In keeping with the success of last year’s event we will continue to line the front of Bayonne High School with American Flags. Further, each flag will represent a five-dollar donation and each will honor a past or present member of the Armed Forces.
We will again be raising money for the Joyce Herbert V.F.W. Post 226 Veterans Museum. Last year we were able to raise $5,000 for this organization, which completes two goals at once. It provides recognition of the service of all military personnel as well as giving our children a unique learning experience. The Veterans Museum is an invaluable asset to our students demonstrating the importance of service and the history of our community. Commander Glenn Flora and Jacky George have created a warm, inviting, and educational environment for all to participate in. It is open to the public and if you were unable to attend last year’s please consider doing so this year.
Also please consider purchasing a flag to be displayed on the Bayonne High School lawn in honor of a hero. All donations can be sent to Bayonne High School, 669 Avenue A, Bayonne, New Jersey 07002, care of Dr. Dennis C. Degnan, Assistant Superintendent of Schools. More information is available on our website