QUESTION: In high school volleyball, player on receiving team (R) hits the ball into the net which pushes into front row player on serving team(S). Is this a net fault front row player? Does ball remain in play?
ANSWER: This is not considered a net fault on opponent as contact with net was not caused by player but rather by the force of the ball. Ball remains in play provided Team (R) has one or two contacts remaining (Rule 9, Sec. 6, Art. 7, a).
QUESTION: During a volley, player (R) accidentally brushes the referee’s stand or grabs the platform to maintain his/her balance. Is this contact deemed illegal and should and should net fault be called?
ANSWER: These types of contact with platform/ stand are legal. If referee judges that player gained an advantage due to action, net fault would be called (Rule 9-6-7).